How (and Where) to Practice Backing in American Truck Simulator

Being a professional truck driver in real life, backing is where I enjoy the game the most. I love backing in some of the most difficult places. It really does translate to the real world. I know I’m not alone with this. Plenty of people enjoy backing just as much as I do. However, I’m sure a lot of players dread it.

That’s only because they don’t know how to back or are just scared to back and make mistakes. I actually practiced and learned the basics of backing in American Truck Simulator before I started at a trucking company and it translated very well. I ended up getting the highest score in company history on the road test, backing and pre trip. They gave me a gift card for it and put me with their best trainer to train me.

With all of that said, I wanted to show you how and where you can practice backing in American Truck Simulator. There are truck stops and shippers / receivers that have certain parameters that make the back somewhat realistic to what you may see in real life.

How to Practice Backing in American Truck Simulator

There are a couple of ways to accomplish this.

First, you can spawn in, hook to your trailer and drive to a place and just practice. There is nothing wrong with doing it this way. It just takes a little longer to get from place to place. If you’re new, I’d recommend this method just to learn the game and how to maneuver the truck and trailer.

The method I prefer is to enable free cam mode. You can hit a button and it makes it where you can freely move to anywhere on the map. You click another button and your truck spawns in where you’re at.

How to enable free cam in American Truck Simulator

1. Go to your Documents folder and find the ‘American Truck Simulator’ Folder.

2. In the folder, look for ‘config.cfg’ and open it with notepad.

3. When the file opens, click ‘ctrl+f’ and search for ‘g_dev’. Change it from 0 to 1. Do the same for ‘g_con’ and change the correct one from 0 to 1. Make sure it’s ‘g_console’. Save the file and then open American Truck Simulator.

5. Once you are in the world, click ‘0’ on the keyboard. This enables the free cam mode.
You have to use the numbers, 8, 4, 5 and 6 on your keypad to start moving. You also have to use your mouse. Use your scroll wheel to choose the speed at which you move.

6. Once you get to a place you want to spawn your truck, hover over the ground a few feet. Not too high and not too low. It may take a few tries to get right. Once you are there, click ‘ctrl+f9’ to spawn the truck in. Now you can click ‘1’ to get to the interior camera and start driving.

Now that you know how to enable free cam mode and get from place to place a lot faster, I want to show you the best places I have found to practice backing all different kinds of backs.

Where to practice backing in American Truck Simulator

There are a lot of places to practice backing in ATS. However, there are a few places I like that are more realistic to backing IRL. Most of the truck stops in ATS how WAY too much room to back. If you’re new, then try those out at first.

In real life, most truck stops are pretty tight to be able to fit as many parking spaces as possible. Places that are tighter with a lot less headroom are the best places to learn your techniques to be able to get into any spot.

My all time favorite place to practice backing is across the road from the truck stop in Denver, Colorado. You have to use free cam to be able to get into the place. It has 2 rows to practice at. The row between the trucks is about the same distance most Love’s Travel Stops have for trucks to back in. The row between the trucks and the buildings is about the same size as most Pilot / Flying J’s, maybe a little bit less room. This is where I perfected my technique to 90 into any spot.

The truck stop I mentioned is actually a decent place as well. It’s not quite as tight, but it does have options of doing 90s, blindside 45s and even parallel parking on the edge of the truck stop.

Also, right beside the truck stop in Denver is a shipper that has places for 90s and straight backs.

Most Walberts in the game usually have decent places to practice backing as well. The one below is right across from the shipper above.

The next exit west from all of these places is a rail yard that is decent to practice at as well.

All of these places are just east of Denver and located within the image below.

Last but not least is a truck stop in Baker, Oregon. Right between Cabbage Hill and Ontario.

All of these places are great places to practice and perfect your backing skills.

If you want to learn how to perfect every backing maneuver, check out my backing guide I created that teaches you how to master straight backing, parallel parking, offset backing, 90s, 45s, and blindside 90s and 45s.

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