Best American Truck Simulator PS4 Controller Settings

ats & ets2 controller bindings

Best American Truck Simulator PS4 Controller Settings American Truck Simulator is one of those games you can sit down to play and just ignore everything else going on in life. Hours can pass by and you won’t even realize it. Hauling freight from state to state seems like it would get old quick, but you would be wrong. ATS is just a super relaxing game to play. You can make ATS even better by having … Read more

American Truck Simulator Guide

ats dash gauges

The Ultimate American Truck Simulator Guide For Beginners Table of Contents This ATS guide is fairly long. Every section is listed below: – Before Getting Started – PC Requirements – Getting Started – Connect Controller to Steam – Create ATS Profile – Change Settings – Graphics – Gameplay – Keys & Buttons – Apply my Controller Layout – Controls – Essential Knowledge – Haul Freight When scrolling down, hit the square button on the bottom … Read more