American Truck Simulator Full Map

The American Truck Simulator Full Map includes 12 States with more in development.

Every State in American Truck Simulator:

Oklahoma is officially in development.
Kansas is officially in development.
Nebraska is likely to be released after Kansas possibly late 2023, early 2024.

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Full American Truck Simulator Map

American Truck Simulator full map

Arizona American Truck Simulator Map

Arizona ATS Main Roads Included:

  • I-15, I-19, I-10, I-8, I-40, I-17
  • US-60, US-191, US-95, US-93, US-180, US-89, US-160, US-163, US-89 ALT
  • AZ-90, AZ-77, AZ-303, AZ-98, AZ-89, AZ-380, AZ-64

California American Truck Simulator Map

California ATS Main Roads Included:

  • I-5, I-8, I-10, I-40, I-80, I-580
  • US-101, US-199, US-395, US-95, US-97
  • CA-99, CA-152, CA-1, CA-111, CA-14, CA-58, CA-120, CA-152, CA-37, CA-299, CA-44, CA-139, CA-190, CA-36, CA-121

Colorado American Truck Simulator Map

Colorado ATS Main Roads Included:

  • I-70, I-25, I-76
  • US-40, US-34, US-385, US-491, US-550, US-84, US-50, US-160, US-350, US-287, US-24, US-285
  • CO-13, CO-64, CO-139, CO-67

Idaho American Truck Simulator Map

Idaho ATS Main Roads Included:

  • I-15, I-84, I-86, I-90
  • US-93, US-95, US-20, US-26, US-30, US-12
  • ID-51, ID-55, ID-75, ID-13

Montana American Truck Simulator Map

Montana ATS Main roads included:

  • I-15, I-90, I-94
  • US-2, US-12, US-93, US-87, US-89, US-191, US-212, US-310, US-287, US-
  • MT-200, MT-135, MT-200, MT-200S, MT-24, MT-16

Nevada American Truck Simulator Map

Nevada ATS Main Roads Included:

  • I-15, I-80, I-580
  • US-93, US-95, US-6, US-50, US-395, US-93 ALT
  • NV-375, NV-319, NV-376, NV-140, NV-225, NV-306

New Mexico American Truck Simulator Map

New Mexico ATS Main Roads Included:

  • I-10, I-25, I-40
  • US-70, US-54, US-82, US-285, US-62, US-84, US-70, US-380, US-550, US-64, US-491
  • NM-529

Oregon American Truck Simulator Map

Oregon ATS Main Roads Included:

  • I-5, I-84
  • US-101, US-199, US-97, US-395, US-95, US-20, US-97, US-197, US-30
  • OR-140, OR-39, OR-78, OR-58

Texas American Truck Simulator Map

Texas ATS Main Roads Included:

  • I-10, I-20, I-35, I-40, I-37, I-45, I-30, I-27, I-69
  • US-87, US-54, US-287, US-60, US-84, US-82, US-83, US-62, US-277, US-67, US-180, US-385, US-69, US-80, US-59, US-96, US-183, US-190, US-77, US-285, US-54, US-90, US-285, US-377, US-87
  • TX-31, TX-49, TX-7, TX-94, TX-124, TX-87, TX-146, TX-35, TX-71, TX Loop 338

Utah American Truck Simulator Map

Utah Main Roads Included:

  • I-15, 1-70, I-80, I-84
  • US-89, US-163, UT-191, US-50, US-6, US-40, US-189, US-91
  • UT-59, UT-9, UT-56, UT-55, UT-10, UT-52, UT-26, UT-30

Washington American Truck Simulator Map

Washington Main Roads Included:

  • I-5, I-82, I-90, I-405, I-205
  • US-101, US-97, US-2, US-12, US-395
  • WA-20, WA-155

Wyoming American Truck Simulator Map

Main Roads Included:

  • I-25, I-80, I-90
  • US-191, US-30, US-89, US-189, US-26, US-287, US-20, US-14
  • WY-789, WY-28, WY-89, WY-220, WY-487, WY-59, WY-450

You can download the Coast 2 Coast mod to be able to drive all 48 states.

There is also a mod that is 1:1 scale of The Dalton Highway in Alaska.

Be sure to check out my American Truck Simulator Guide if you want to learn more about American Truck Simulator and get started the right way.

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