Euro Truck Simulator 2 Guide

The Ultimate Euro Truck Simulator 2 Guide For Beginners Most of the information about purchasing ETS2, connecting your controller, creating a profile, helpful tips and much more is in the American Truck Simulator guide I created. Nearly everything from the ATS guide will work directly with ETS2. This guide includes specific settings for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Before Getting Started with Euro Truck Simulator 2 What you need to play Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2): … Read more

How To Install Mods for American Truck Simulator

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How To Install Mods for American Truck Simulator Installing Mods for American Truck Simulator or Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a very simple task. I created this video to walk you through the step by step. American Truck Simulator is great just the way it is. However, adding specific mods to the game makes it more immersive. Step 1: Find and Download the mod As an example, I am going to download and install the … Read more

American Truck Simulator Guide

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The Ultimate American Truck Simulator Guide For Beginners Table of Contents This ATS guide is fairly long. Every section is listed below: – Before Getting Started – PC Requirements – Getting Started – Connect Controller to Steam – Create ATS Profile – Change Settings – Graphics – Gameplay – Keys & Buttons – Apply my Controller Layout – Controls – Essential Knowledge – Haul Freight When scrolling down, hit the square button on the bottom … Read more