American Truck Simulator Mods

Mods can be used to make American Truck Simulator look, feel, sound and react different than vanilla gameplay.

An example of a mod I recently started using is a Sound Mod for the Peterbilt 389. The normal sound is not great. It’s too quiet and it is hard to hear the jake brake. So I downloaded and installed a mod that made it sound a LOT better to me.

How to Find Mods for American Truck Simulator

Finding American Truck Simulator mods is easy. Finding safe and updated mods is where it can get tricky if you are new.

SCS Software has an Official Forum where you can find mods to download. These mods are categorized and the most recently commented on are listed at the top (which may indicate they are updated frequently).

The Steam workshop for American Truck Simulator is another great place to find mods to easily install.

There are other third party websites where you can find mods as well. I do NOT recommend using them unless you are 100% they are safe to download.

Others can be found on the mod creators website. Meaning they don’t list it on the SCS Forum, workshop or those third party websites.

How to Install Mods on American Truck Simulator (Video)

How To Install Mods for American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator Mods

These are mods I use and/or recommend.

Some mods may not be updated to the latest version of ATS. These mods are listed in no particular order. Some mods may not work with other mods.

Coast to Coast Mod

The Coast to Coast mod adds the rest of the lower 48 states SCS Software hasn’t created yet. The scenery along the roads in a lot of the states is bland with nothing to see, but it’s an awesome map mod to try out. The southeast is the most developed part of this map.

ONLY Download the Coast to Coast Mod from The SCS Software Official Forum.

Frosty Winter Weather Mod by Grimes

This mod adds snow to the entire map of American Truck Simulator. It is definitely a change of scenery and I highly recommend it.

The mod also comes with the ability to change the physics and make the roads slippery. Grimes also has other mods that make the game even better.

ONLY download from Grimes’ Official Website.

ProMods Canada

ats promods canada

ProMods is a well known map mod for ETS2, and they finally came to ATS.

ProMods Canada includes the British Columbia area. This isn’t a large map, but the scenery is very nice.

ProMods is actually a paid map mod now. Canada is $1.50.

Purchase and Download on the ProMods website.

Dalton and Elliot Highway Extreme Alaska 1:1 Scale Map

The Dalton Highway map mod is very unique. It is 1:1 scale. Meaning for every mile you would drive in real life, it’s a mile in the game.

I have spent a few hours on this map and it takes a LONG time to drive it all. This map is a standalone map which means you will have to create a new profile to try it out. Trust me, it’s worth it!

Only download from the SCS Official Forum.

Real Companies and Trailer Packs by Grimes

This is another mod by Grimes that adds real companies and company trailers into ATS.

Only download from Grimes’ Official Website.

These are most of the mods I have tried and actually liked and would recommend you to try out. As mentioned earlier, you can send me more mods to tryout and I may add them here.

For now though, this is all I got.

Thanks for reading!

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